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Tinneke De BlockPaintings, art prints & stationery

I have been drawing since childhood and in my teenage years I started with paintings and murals. I then expanded to create my own stationery line. I especially enjoy working with different textures and structures, for example using acrylic paint on charcoal drawings. Special effects are created this way.

The common thread in my work is ‘women’.  They are represented in a sensual, sensitive and playful manner.  I enjoy the entire creative process – it relaxes me and makes me forget the world around me. 

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When do you consider your designs or creations as being successful?

This is a tough one for a perfectionist like me. Maybe when it truly reflects and expresses my state of mind at a specific moment as well as being beautiful.

How can one easily recognise your work?

A fresh and fun style with a slight focus on fashion, make up or accessories.

Where do you pick up your best ideas?

In the shower. In a bar with my notebook. During a walk in nature. Everywhere in fact where life is not that hectic. 

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?

I would be a philosopher or astronomer. As a child I always wanted to be an astronaut! 

“I like to experiment with different techniques but women will always be the central theme.”

Posted at 17/05/2017
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