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The Illustrationist

Katja de VriesIllustrations & Jewellery

You can call me a truly creative soul - I started drawing and making jewellery when I was still studying Graphic Design a few years ago.

Geometry and nature are the inspirations behind the design of my gold and silver jewellery creations. Next to jewellery I also illustrate and have been selling my creations since 2013. My illustrations are handmade by me but printed on postcards and posters at different local printers. I love to travel with my camera, take as many pictures as possible and then use these as a basis for new illustrations. 

Like most designers, my dream is to be able to make a living out of my creative passion because I love what I do. I work at it full time and do try to take some time off at weekends! 

It is an unbelievable feeling when people buy my handmade work and find it beautiful; it gives me a lot of motivation to keep working towards opening my own boutique and atelier.

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Describe the creative process from idea generation to finished product.

The creation of my jewellery always starts with many sketches. I put many ideas on paper and when I can visualize something in my mind I will start making it. I will be the first to wear and try the first results of a new design, that way I can see whether something needs to be altered. Once it is perfect I finish the collection.
When I am at markets and trade shows I always pay attention to what people say - it is very cool to hear their feedback.;

What is your ambition as designer?

I would love to have my own workshop and combine it with a boutique. I can then make items by hand on site as well as sell products from other designers I love. This also allows me to make many items on demand and personalized for customers.

When do you consider your designs or creations as being successful?

I am satisfied when I get compliments from customers. I create my products to make people happy.

What is the common thread in your work?

My jewellery stands out due to its geometry and minimalism. My illustrations are based on old photographs and collages which I then paint, print, draw and monotype on. This creates a unique result. 

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to many different artists but mainly to Brian Eno, David Bowie, John Cage, Nicke Cave, Talking Heads and other Eighties music.

"Many people inspire me, but when I look at the works of Gustave van de Woestyne, Spilliaert or Permeke I want to start drawing immediately."

Posted at 20/10/2017
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