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Katrien MelisWooden accessories

It all started with a cutting plotter and an embroidery machine. This made everything possible - from playful wall stickers to printed t-shirt to baptism sugar. However, my true passion was always working with natural materials, so a laser cutter was added to my atelier, which I now use to make a wide variety of wooden creations.  

Since I was small, I had two interests - animals and creating things. The first ten years of my life I dedicated to animals. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I had to take a step back from this so I threw myself into my creativity. I have since been able to make my hobby my full-time profession so I spend my days designing and creating wooden objects and accessories. 

I usually work closely together with my clients to create a unique and personalised product for them. In between these bespoke assignments I develop and make my own ideas and designs. When one of these turns out to be as cool and beautiful as I had in mind, and is loved by my customers, am I truly happy my mission has been accomplished. 

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Is production done in-house or is it outsourced?

Everything passes through my own hands. I like to be in control of my production process so I can personally guarantee the quality desired and expected by my customers. 

What is your ambition as designer?

Happy customers are all you need!

When do you consider your designs or creations as being successful?

A smile on a customer's face says more than a thousand words.  

What is your big dream?

To keep growing in what I do and one day become part of a team.

"Do more of what makes you happy!"

Posted at 30/11/2018
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