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L'esprit du Sable

Lieve BergmansCeramics

Cooking, natural medicine and ceramics are my three passions. 
I did not really know what I wanted to be when I was younger so I chose to be an eternal student - I studied graphic design, followed by four years of sculpting and ceramics. I then went on to study natural medicine and classic homeopathy for eight years, after which I did another four-year ceramics course. To support myself through my studies I worked as a chef, so cooking also became a big part of my life.

I take inspiration from everyday experiences as well as being in the kitchen. My best ideas come to me when I am alone - on the road, walking my dog or on holiday. Heavenly! 

The creative process takes time and precision. The clay first needs to be kneaded and weighed perfectly according to the shape of the piece that I am making. It is then placed on the pottery wheel and my favourite part can begin - the shaping of the product. Depending on the weather, the piece then needs to dry for a few days before the final shaping takes place. I pay great attention to the texture being just right as I like the final products to be perfectly smooth. After it is completely dry, it is sandpapered and baked at 950°. It is then rinsed and glazed and baked again at 1220°. After a further two days of letting it cool, the product is ready. 

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What is the common thread in your work?

Understated and timeless with a perfect finish.

When do you consider your creations as being successful?

I am quite a perfectionist. So the proportions of a creation need to be just right. 

What is your ambition as designer?

To make timeless pieces and to be able to make a living from my craft. And to always keep evolving and growing. 

What is your big dream?

To live in the suburbs again, but then more in the south. Working with wet clay demands a drier climate. Plus it would mean less time in traffic when commuting to my atelier ... 

"Made with love and craftsmanship."

Posted at 07/02/2018
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