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Valérie VerbistFurniture & home accessories

I design furniture and home accessories under the name Lerieva.

My very first designs and creations were homemade gifts. Throughout the years, the designs became more sophisticated, but the idea has remained the same: special people deserve original and personalized gifts. I am often inspired by family and friends when designing furniture and home accessories. Details are very important to me and they have to be just perfect. 

My ambition as a designer is to create beautiful objects that will be used and cherished in everyday life.

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How can one easily recognise your work?

Simple designs, made using beautiful, qualitative materials and with fine attention to detail.

What is the common thread in your work?

I am heavily influenced by my inspirations and materials that I like ... I love cork, wood and felt.

Where do you pick up your best ideas?

Mostly when outside: jogging, cycling to Leuven, hiking ...

Tell us something that typifies you but that we do not already know..

I am a very enthusiastic person, critical (especially for myself) and honest. The small things in life can make me very happy.

"Special people deserve an original and very personal gift."

Posted at 01/12/2017
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