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Josien Baetens Jewelry Design

Josien BaetensJewellery

I have been creative since I was little and spent my Sundays in the Art Academy in Mechelen. I studied Science and Maths but it quickly became clear that I was not destined for a sedentary job. My fate was sealed when I borrowed a book on jewellery design - I was hooked. My jewellery collection is still my part-time job, however it feels like a full-time one! I am a one-woman-show so I am responsible for everything from design and creation to the photography, packaging and delivery to the client. 

Quality is held in high regard in my atelier. I am thus happy to work with small production numbers so that I can keep my creations 100% made in Belgium, even if this does mean higher costs of production. Each piece in my collection is fully handmade using the finest silver.

My pieces are minimalist and architectural. I like to play with varying shapes, lines and reflections, being inspired by the  intriguing structures and connections of modern and industrial architecture. Nature also has inspirational structures such as trees, flowers and cobwebs, which can also be a source for ideas. 

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Describe the creative process from idea generation to final product.

I usually start with a certain design in combination with a specific technique in mind, without thinking about the final product, its function or wearability. This process of creation will determine the ultimate design.

Which step in the creative process do you find most enjoyable?

Every step in the process is fun and important! Creation comes from a idea. In turn, this creation gives me new insights and ideas that I then want to try and create ... So in fact it remains a vicious circle.

When do you consider your designs or creations as being successful?

The process of creation is always fluid - one piece of jewellery will lead to the creation of another. But when a piece in itself is so intriguing that it gets a new dynamic when it is worn, without overpowering the design, that is when as a designer, I am happy.

How can one easily recognise your work?

My jewellery are elegant and delicate with an architectural structure.

"Minimal fine jewellery, 100% handmade in Belgium."

Posted at 05/06/2018
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