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Joke BleysCeramic jewellery & home accessories

I used to make gifts for my friends and family which were mainly jewellery and ceramics. As the demand kept rising, I started doing it as a second occupation under the name J-oké. It is something that I love to do, especially the clay modelling.

At the moment I make mostly jewellery, dishes and ceramic light sculptures. Besides that I also work with Anna Grimal where we upcycle existing porcelain into something new.

My hand modelled shapes need to dry for three weeks before I put them in the oven for the first time. The shapes are organic as they are handmade, but I make sure that they are sleekly finished. After that I add a vintage touch with the glaze and then they go back in the oven for one last time.

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What is your big dream?

Building my own house on a mountain or a hill with a beautiful view. I have already drawn up the rough plans. Now I just have to develop it further and find a way to make it reality.

How can one easily recognise your work?

Through the colour and design.

Which book or film had a lasting impact on you?

‘Things The Grandchildren Should Know’ by Mark Oliver Everett.

Tell us something that typifies you but that we do not already know... 

I am who I am. You can learn from failure and it's never too late to start again.

“My modelled shapes need to dry for three weeks before they go into the oven for the first time.”

Posted at 30/03/2017
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