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I Love Flowers

Daisy HermansFloral jewellery & accessories

About a year and a half ago I decided to start I Love Flowers. I also run a company called Party Plant which creates indoor plant displays for stores, offices and companies and also rents out plants for festivals, parties, corporate events etc. I Love Flowers was born from the creative need to make us of the leftover flowers. 

All my creations use natural material and colourful flowers. 
Once I have decided which product to make, the right mould is found in which to shape it. The chosen flowers are treated and dried, after which they are blended with the resin and poured into the mould. This is then set to dry and once it is ready the creation is sandpapered, polished and buffed. Making beautiful, wearable pieces is my main ambition as designer. It always makes me happy when a client loves my creations. 

Flowers inspire me and I love bringing nature closer to the wearer of my jewellery. 

Which step in the creative process do you find most enjoyable?

The moment the product comes out of the mould!

How can one easily recognise your work?

Through the use of natural materials and colourful flowers.

Where do you pick up your best ideas?

Anywhere there are flowers.

What is your big dream?

To make beautiful creations with lots of love and passion.

Which book or film had a lasting impact on you?

The Lion King. The Notebook.

"Jewellery and accessories with a real touch of nature.”

Posted at 22/01/2018
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