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Het Geel Genot

Christophe & Anne VanhaesendonckEgg liqueur

My wife and I have been producing homemade egg liqueur for two years now. We give the traditional, old school recipe a modern twist by combining it with flavours such as coffee and limoncello as well as regional products such as honey and Belgian gin. And there are so many other combinations that we would like to explore! 

We have always had a passion for chickens. The number of chickens roaming around in our garden kept growing and with the extra eggs we decided to try our hand at egg liqueur. This was so well received by friends, family and customers at our local market that one thing led to another and before we knew it we were deciding on a name, drawing a logo and designing the perfect pots. Our atelier and regional products store, where we sell delicacies made locally, came shortly after.

We were fortunate enough to be able to turn our passion into our job and this is reflected in every product we make. From selecting the eggs to packaging the product for the client, it is all done by us, guaranteeing quality every step of the way. This dedication is our motivation to keep experimenting and growing organically.

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Where do you pick up your best ideas?

We like following old school recipes using regional products that we discover along the way and sell in our shop. 

How can one easily recognise your work?

People are increasingly starting to recognise our logo as well as our brand name, Het Geel Genot. The yellow colour used in our branding, communication and marketing also makes us easily recognisable.

Which (creative) Belgian do you admire?

We consider our grandmothers to be our role models. We vividly remember the egg liqueur jar in the fridge that would ensure cozy get togethers

What is your big dream?

Our big dream is to be able to build on the dream we are already working on and have everyone enjoy our product. A jar of egg liqueur is pure nostalgia.

Tell us something that typifies you but that we do not already know…

We work as a couple to realise our dream. Together we are passionate about the same things and strongly believe that this will be successful. We complement each other. 

" A jar of egg liqueur is pure nostalgia."

Posted at 17/05/2018
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