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Grano Ladies

Xavie BattelGranola & snacks

My desire to live a more healthy and pure life made me start making my own granola. Even my family and friends started feeling their energy levels rise when they ate it for breakfast. Slowly I convinced others to start their day off in my healthy way. I launched my webshop in 2014 and a year later our granola was for sale in the first stores in Flanders.

The process of developing new products is what excites me the most - creating new flavour combinations and products that are innovative as well as healthy. Our granola bites are a good example of this. They are truly unique as they are made from oats, nuts and seeds with little or no added sugar. I also love sharing thoughts and ideas with entrepreneurs. We all have our own view on life and it is always refreshing to hear that from others.

I hope that I can keep enjoying the little things in life. Combining entrepreneurship with motherhood means I have a very busy schedule so the right work-life balance and appreciating the little things in life are very important to me. I thus make sure I have plenty of quality time with my family. 

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How does one easily recognise your work?

Our products are made as pure as possible, with no additives, preservatives or colourings. We use only the purest of ingredients.

When do you consider your product as being successful?

When we see customers come back for more and stay loyal to the brand. When they experience the same benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet that we do. But one of our products is definitely a success when someone says: "Xavie, since I have been eating your granola for breakfast, I can last all morning without feeling hunger pangs. I am not looking for a snack before my next meal." 

Which (creative) Belgian do you admire?

Sandra Bekkari. Ultimately, we have the same end goal - improving health and wellness in our society. I find it fascinating how she is able to reach and encourage people to do something completely new. 

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?

As a young entrepreneur, I found the advice, info and feedback from more experienced business owners invaluable. I would love to be able to give back and share my experiences with the next generation of entrepreneurs, and listen to their doubts, questions and needs. 

Tell us something that typifies you but that we do not already know…

My life motto is 'mind-set is everything'. I find it so important to have a positive mind-set and see the good in people and situations. I encourage people in my daily life to see life through rose-tinted glasses as well! 

"XAVIES' granola is your healthy pleasure."

Posted at 27/05/2019
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