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Cato Oyen

Cato OyenIllustrated postcards, tote bags &posters

I am a freelance graphic designer, but on top of that I also put a lot of time into my own webshop. I have always been an entrepreneur. One year ago I took the big step to build something independently from my creative talent and enthusiasm. I put an enormous amount of time into it, but always with pleasure and a lot of love.

It always starts with an itch, an idea. Then I get very enthusiastic about doing something with that idea, making something. I work out the idea. And again and again until I have something that really works. And then I can't wait to put it online and wait for reactions.

The common thread in my work? That's me, you, us. Everyday life and the events and emotions that go with it. Sadness, enthusiasm, shame, depression, being sweet to each other and to yourself. That sounds heavy, but it's not. That's why I say: Not OK is also OK; one of the sayings on my cards.

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How can one easily recognise your work?

By the many colours. My work has to radiate something positive, light-hearted and pleasant despite the occasional heavier themes. My illustrations are cheerful, with a lot of colour and a splash of humour. Because we mustn't forget to laugh every now and then. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

From my daily life. I am highly sensitive, which is tiresome, but I try to turn it into something positive by drawing on my experiences or talking about them in my InstaStories on Instagram or Snapchat.

Tell us something that typifies you but that we do not already know...

I'm impulsive (according to my dad, but then the good impulsive. So I think anyway), as mad as a hatter (according to my brother) and impatient (according to my mum).

"Not OK is also OK."

Posted at 30/03/2017
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