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Bieren van Begeerte

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I brewed my very first beer in 1998 as my interest in and curiosity for our impressive Belgian beer culture intensified and merely tasting was not giving me the satisfaction I was looking for. I am also a high school teacher and as I wish to grow my brewing business slowly and organically, thus limiting commercial restrictions as well as the need for compromises on brand and quality, I can still perfectly combine the two. 

I develop and brew my beers on a small scale and with a healthy dose of patience. A larger brewery in Belgium who can better manage the high levels of demand and its fluctuations brews my more established and popular beers. I create, brew and taste all my beers, each of which is carefully blended taking time and patience in finding the right balance of flavours.

My ideas are turned into an elaborate recipe with a detailed list of ingredients and brewing schedule.
The brewing itself takes place during the day. First the grain is milled, the right amount of corn added and then brought to boil. This process takes a couple of hours. The brew is then cooled and the fermentation process is started. Fermentation takes place in a warm, controlled environment for around seven to ten days, after which the young beer is brought to a cool room for lagering. The final step is filling the bottles. After three months of further fermentation the beer is ready to be tried and tasted! 

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Which step in the creative process do you find most enjoyable?

The day the brewing takes place is an absolute highlight, made extra enjoyable by the tasting of previous creations ...

How can one easily recognise your creations?

Visually I strive for a contemporary look. The beers themselves are also not your typical classics but modern creations that are not limited by traditions but try to explore new territory. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

From nature. I grow ingredients myself that I like to experiment with and use in my beers. Hop is one such plant. I never fail to be amazed watching the growth of my plants. 

What is your big dream?

I like to dream a lot about day to day things like finding more time in my day to do things that I truly enjoy.

What is your ambition as designer?

My main ambition is to keep perfecting my craft. I want to grow and improve every day. 

Which (creative) Belgian do you admire?

Rene Magritte. An unparalleled example of a creative, quirky Belgian genius.

"I develop and brew my beers on a small scale and with a healthy dose of patience."

Posted at 13/02/2018
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