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Veronique De RopVegan biscuits

It all started when a confectioner friend in Italy made us taste a biscuit he had made from a new recipe. Upon tasting, we did not think that it tasted different to other cookies. This made him smile and he let us in on the secret that these biscuits were 100% vegan. They contained no eggs or milk. This got us thinking and a year later we created BastaSiaBuono.

We make vegan biscuits based on traditional Italian recipes in our atelier in Sint Niklaas. Italian biscuits tend to have a tradition, and story to them, as do each of ours. Every product in our range, and those that will be added to this in the future, has to be pure and honest, without hidden ingredients and preservatives. Most importantly, it has to be tasty. The packaging is also a big part of our brand and instantly recognisable. We turned to a  young graphic designer Lies Van Damme, who created the women eating a biscuit. This illustration can be found on every packet.

We would love for BastaSiaBuono to grow into an internationally renowned brand, and this through getting our products into the lives of people through the right channels. 

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Which step in the creative process do you find most enjoyable?

I love being involved in all aspects of the business. My experience lies in sales and marketing but management of the brand and being in touch with our customers I find most enjoyable. 

Which (creative) Belgian do you admire?

I worked for Dries Van Noten for seven years a long time ago and I admire how he started his company and with the right team, brought the company to where it is today. He always stayed true to his vision and did not let trends influence his style or decisions.

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?

No idea! However it would involve a lot of human interaction and working with honest products with an inspiring story. 

Tell us something that typifies you but that we do not already know...

In everything I undertake, aesthetics is always important. I also have quite a traditional and romantic soul. 

"BastaSiaBuono: Als het maar lekker is!"

Posted at 23/02/2019
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