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Atelier ODE

Femke GommersJewellery

When I was studying interior architecture, I used to like walking past the studios of the jewellery design and silversmithing students. That's where the seed was planted that grew into Atelier ODE.

I want to translate important moments in someone's life into a tangible object. On the one hand, I do that with my jewellery. These are ready-made gifts that people can take with them right away and give them to someone, or themselves, at important moments in their life. But I also make very specific jewellery to order where literal references to someone's life and experiences are worked in.

Everything that I can do myself, I do myself. For example I draw my own silver wire. So I always have the exact dimensions that I have in mind. I also create the greetings cards that go with the jewellery so that it all fits together nicely.

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Who was your first customer?

Someone I studied with. She wanted to have a necklace made for her mum with the ashes of her dead grandfather inside it. It ended up as a ginkgo leaf with a stem that became a small tube. It was nice that she entrusted me with this creation.

How can one easily recognise your work?

The jewellery is very recognisable because I combine a greetings card with each piece of jewellery. I think that in general my jewellery radiates simplicity, without being too sleek. I love minimalism, but the jewellery shouldn't feel cold or austere. I always try to work warmth, vitality and something organic into each piece.

Which (creative) Belgian do you admire?

There are lots of very creative Belgians doing good work. For example I am a fan of Muller Van Severen's work. Their work is always recognisable and it comes very close to being art. It makes sense as a whole and the objects have a certain lightness, a dreaminess that I find very smart.

"I want to translate important moments in someone's life into a piece of jewellery. Just like a memory, you will carry it with you always and everywhere."

Posted at 30/03/2017
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