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Unusual Ceramics

Sofie Smolders3 July 2017

Ellen Janssens is the spirit behind STUDIO ELLEFANT and she makes particularly precise and colourful ceramics. Today she tells us in her own words where she gets her inspiration from and what the production process in her studio looks like.

“It was while I was tidying up my kitchen that I had the idea to do something with the nets from fruit and vegetables that I had collected in the kitchen cupboard. I was fascinated, not just by the function but also by the beautifully designed structures of these everyday throwaway objects.

I saved all the nets with different sorts of structures for a few months and they became a source of inspiration, not only for the decoration but also for the colours of my work. The nets are used in two ways for the decoration:

    • one where I stretched the nets over the cylinders myself and then applied the glaze over them 
    • one where I scanned different structures, drew over them and then coloured them in beofore having the transfers made

 “Superbly designed structure from everyday disposable objects provided the inspiration for my 'what a mesh!' collection."

The colours of the fruit and vegetables in the nets are subtly reflected in my work:

    • light and dark green leek 
    • pink garlic 
    • orange citrus fruit 
    • yellow potato

The cylinder form has been chosen, the primal form as far as functional ceramics goes and a beautiful shape in all its simplicity. The concealed foot which results in the cylinder floating a bit is a consequence of my studying interior architecture, where light and shade are very important.

The work is cast using plaster moulds. These moulds act as a support form. Using this type of support, you can reproduce objects and forms very accurately.

Steps in the production process:

  1. making plaster moulds
  2. preparing the slip
  3. colouring the slip
  4. casting
  5. glazing
  6. applying transfers

All the cylinders, lids and plates from my collection are stackable, simple in form and colour co-ordinated. This make them easy to combine with each other and multifunctional in use: as a drinking cup at table, as a toothbrush holder in the bathroom, as a pen holder in the office, as a vase, a box for first teeth, for jewels... or just to look at."

Discover all of Ellen's work here

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