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The story behind Cirk/O - a sustainable, versatile tray

10voortwaalf6 July 2018


Today we want to tell you a little more about our tray Cirk/O, one of the first designs by 10voortwaalf, and one which we are still extremely proud of! 

Right from the start, when Mr. Appelzee and I started making plans for our brand 10voortwaalf, our philosophy was always to use residual materials from n°12, Mr Appelzee's furniture workshop, in our creations. 

 n°12 makes bespoke furniture for l clients so frequently there will be left-over materials which are rendered useless in his workshop - too small to make another cupboard or table from and too large, and more importantly too beautiful, to throw away. A residual piece of bamboo from a worktop, a remnant of beautifully-coloured laminate from a cupboard door or a piece of natural birch plywood from a set of drawers ... All fine and inspiring materials that are always kept aside for a little bit of upcycling. 

The BooDeLuxe chopping boards and the Shelfie plant shelves were made using those too-beautiful-to-throw-away materials.

The n°12 workshop not only has residual materials to play with, but also basic materials in excess such as simple chipboard covered with white or black melamine, which is mainly used to make the inside of cupboards - the part that you hardly ever see. Chipboard is solid, strong and practical, but one would never consider it to be beautiful or sexy...

... Until we stumbled upon the luminous idea to make trays out of it! 

By milling the top, the tray will get an upright edge, still showing the colour of the melamine on the top of the edge, and for the rest you see only pure wood fibres (and fragments of other small materials that sometimes end up in the chipboard). This gives the trays a suprising yet  rugged and demure look. 

All the trays are sandpapered by hand until they are perfectly smooth, after which they are varnished, making them easy to clean. If you do spill a little on them, it is recommended to clean them straight away. Cirk/O is made in black and white and different sizes so they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Here at home we use the Cirk/Os not only as a serving stray, but also as a decorative one. 

We are curious to know how you guys use them, so do let us know via  Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #10voortwaalf. Sharing is caring!

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