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The most unique Christmas ever!

Kim Smolders20 November 2017

It is almost that favourite time of year again - which means that Christmas is coming close!
And, despite Christmas taking place on the same date, every year, for as long as we can remember, it always seems to take us by surprise. How often do you hear "I can't believe it is Christmas already - I still have to do all my shopping! What to get?!" 

This year Belgunique has made it easy for you - we have the most origingal gifts waiting for you.  So avoid the traditional Christmas shopping dilemma of time constraint combined with a lack of creativity.

Our #nomoresocks campaign sets out to do just as it says - giving you the opportunity to buy someone something other than socks. Instead, give something unique, original and local. 

With 100 local makers in Belgium ready to offer you unique gifts to put under the Christmas tree, you really have no excuse to be uninspired this year. 

As a lot of the products found on Belgunique are made by hand, bespoke or in small batches, delivery times will vary from a few days to a few weeks so make sure you start your shopping early ... Today even! 

You are able to buy on from wherever you are - in your sofa, on the train en route to work, even whilst enjoying your bubble bath.  

Furthermore, between November 22 and December 29 we will be gifting a package to the homeless for every purchase made on Buying locally, as well as giving locally. 

Together with our talents we created a short film to get straight into the Christmas spirit. It is in Dutch, but it will still make you smile! 

Happy Shopping! 

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