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Mother introduces MicroFarm

Kim Smolders24 April 2019

Mother designs products for a sustainable and self-sufficient existence.

Mother is an international network of entrepreneurs who believe that basic necessities such as food, water and energy should be available to everyone. With this philosophy they develop sustainable tools for self-sufficient living.

Bloom, their first product, is a durable grow light with full-spectrum light, and has reached Europe, the US and Australia while only on the market for a few months. It is also available on Belgunique. Bloom customers are professional indoor farms, plant nurseries and individual growers.

In order to have a bigger impact, their next goal was to make indoor growing accessible to every household - and thus, MicroFarm was born. A plug and play module to start growing microgreens indoors.

Why Microgreens? Because they are considered superfoods.

Microgreens? These are the seedlings of leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs. They have an exceptionally high concentration of vitamins, up to 40 times more than a full-grown plant and are therefore considered superfoods. Thanks to MicroFarm, they are very easy to grow since they need a healthy dose of light and water. The seeds germinate in the first days,  after 7 days you can already harvest.

These little greens are loved by chefs worldwide. Other than vitamins, they add flavour and colour to any dish.

MicroFarm is made out of high quality materials and is designed to last a lifetime. A product that makes you more self-sufficient instead of dependent as you are not bound to regularly purchase pads if you want to grow. You can use your own hemp grow mat or kitchen paper and seed. Also, MicroFarm has a smart design. You can adapt the setup of MicroFarm to your needs - stick it to the wall, assemble as a vertical or a horizontal version.

MicroFarm will be available on Kickstarter from the 10th of May.
Be quick as only the first 100 early birds can purchase MicroFarm for €89, a 50% discount on the final retail price.

Read more about Belgunique Talent Mother on their talent page.

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