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House Raccoon - talent with a mission

Kim Smolders8 November 2017

-  written by Nathan from House Raccoon

At House Raccoon we plant one tree for every product we sell. We believe that there has to be a greater good in everything one undertakes. 

The idea for House Raccoon was born during a road trip in America. An unbeatable combination of beautiful landscapes and natural reserves, complemented by nights in new, cosy AirB&Bs, motels or hotels. We have always harboured a love for nature (our holidays can be summed up in three words: walks, walks, walks) but we also enjoy getting everything perfectly in order for a cozy evening. On one of these cozy evenings together we concluded that it would be fantastic if we were to start something that combined the two. 

The interior design aspect was difficult, 'doing something good' even more so.

We were looking for a reliable, honest partner where the majority of the money actually goes to the planting of the trees, not to administrative efforts or, even worse, corruption. We also had to seriously consider the impact on our pricing - the margins on interior design objects are not always high and for a lot of people price is still a determining factor in their buying behaviour. Ultimately however we knew that we had to follow our hearts, be stubborn and move along with this initiative.

For two months now, Anneleen and I can proudly say that we plant one tree per product that is sold by House Raccoon. This way, we try to contribute to a better world. We can all recycle and up-cycle, and every little helps, however production and consumption, especially en mass, is always damaging to the environment. A new tree on the other hand has an added environmental benefit: it purifies the air and water, increases the biodiversity and quite literally improves the health and wellbeing of the people that live around it.

We are determined to wholeheartedly continue this path so that a few years down the line we can be proud not only of our interior design collection but also of the numerous forests that will have grown thanks to House Raccoon and the individuals that have bought our products - forests that enhance the livelihood of the people and animals around them. 

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