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DesignFloater supports local talent

Sofie Smolders7 September 2017

DesignFloater is the place where designers and architects find local, Belgian producers to make their design projects a reality by creating a sellable product.”

Belgunique is not the only one that has a lot of love for local talent!

DesignFloater, a young business started in Gent, also supports local talent, but in a very different way. They make it possible for designers and architects to find local production companies in Belgium that can turn their design projects into reality. This way, designers and architects can find the best-suited manufacturers and production partners that not only make prototypes but also produce smaller batches as well as larger ones.

When designers have a product that can’t produce themselves they talk to DesignFloater who will find them the perfect production partner!

DesignFloater is all about producers that are close to home. This way the designers are more closely involved and the local economy is stimulated. More than 250 producers, production companies and craftsmen have already signed up to DesignFloater.

Earlier this year Belgunique and DesignFloater joined forces allowing for a two way partnership:

-       Belgunique talents are able to expand their production through working together with new, Belgian producers
-       DesignFloater designers and producers are able to exhibit and sell their creations on Belgunique

A very exciting partnership, right?

Together we proudly support the local economy and, equally important, more products are made on Belgian soil.

Take a look on for more information. 

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