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Home of Local Talent Campaign

Sofie Smolders1 December 2018

As this is Belgunique's second end of year,  we thought this would be the perfect time to launch our Home of Local Talent campaign.

As this is our first marketing campaign, we have selected a couple of our talents' creations to grace our campaign. 

You will see these images online, as well as in Antwerp. 

The following products were used in the images: 

Pillows: made-by-mimii

Backpacks: Treesizeverse

Plant pot: Straff Design

Ceramics: L'Esprit du Sable

Art: Hilde Goossenaerts

Dog bed: Les Enfants

Sparkling wine: Claire Martin

Most of these products can be found online, but also in our store, the Home of Local Talent, in Antwerp (Leopoldstraat 53).

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