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The duo behind the Betty & Albert brand

Sofie Smolders20 May 2018

Who are the creative minds behind the brand Betty & Albert? Let us introduce them to you ... 

The moment I tasted my first Betty & Albert cookie is one I won't forget. The cookie was crunchy, fresh and utterly delicious, something you do not taste every day. The package was empty in no time, but I had no regrets. Something this delicious can not be a sin. Right? It is no coincidence that the founders' favourite word is SNACCIDENT: eating an entire bag of cookies entirely by mistake. I can now totally relate! 

I went to visit Emilie and Hanne, the creators of these irresistible cookies. I am warmly welcomed into the Betty & Albert workshop in the business park in Haacht. As I enter I see them eagerly typing away on their computers but quickly abandon their screens in favour of giving me an inspiring tour. We are surrounded by the smiling faces of Betty & Albert, the brand's mascots, cheerfully grinning at us from a variety of merchandise.  Queen Elizabeth inspired Betty’s name and her husband, Albert, gets his name from King Albert I. 

Emilie, having worked in the food industry for 10 years, has been thinking about creating her own brand for a while. She had already brought Albert the monkey to life and was waiting for the right product to link him to. The product ended up being fresh cookies. She joiend forces with her friend Hanne, a marketing and social media guru, making them a complementary and strong team. They first launched their idea on the crowd-funding platform Ulule ( and it was an immediate success. Through support from friends, family and other believers, they reached their funding target of €11,000 in just four weeks. 

Being two young mothers, Emilie and Hanne are very much looking for the right balance: eating healthy is a must however there still needs to be room for guilty pleasures. All their products are "the real thing", made using real butter, chocolate and sugar. 

The demand for their cookies has now become too large for them to manage themselves so they outsource production to a local bakery. The packaging material is also produced locally. 

Emilie and Hanne are dreaming big. Within Belgium they want to see their products in speciality retail and food stores but they also have plans to take Betty & Albert abroad. This would mean larger volumes and due to different distribution systems than in Belgium, supermarkets demand less exclusivity contracts and smaller margins. In order to get access to these international distributors, Emilie and Hanne participated in ISM, the largest food trade fair in Europe. And what a success it was - they are now in talks with companies from the USA, the UK and Dubai. Emilie believes that the "Made in Belgium" label has added value in foreign markets: hence the label is clearly visible on all their packaging. 

In 2018, Betty & Albert plan to extend their selection with candy, chocolate spreads and nuts. 

We can't for these to launch! 

In the meantime you can enjoy their cookies by buying them here!

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