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#BENTUNIQUE: a beautiful, Belgian collaboration

Sofie Smolders9 September 2018

#BENTUNIQUE - a unique collaboration between BENT & Belgunique!

Isabelle, Nicolaas and Jan founded BENT Merkschoenen 30 years ago. Not only are they siblings, they are born entrepreneurs. They started with a small shoe shop in Waregem, and stores in Gosselies and Genk soon followed. Through the years, they blossomed into a truly Belgian company with 20 stores nationwide and a successful web shop. 
They were introduced to the shoe business at a young age - their father and other members of the family have been in the industry since 1919 so as a family they have 100 years of experience between them!

BENT Merkschoenen is a quintessential Belgian company. To celebrate their 30th anniversary they have partnered with Belgunique for a unique celebratory campaign. From their stores throughout Flanders they wanted to celebrate Belgian talent so Belgunique was the perfect partner!

What exactly is the BENT-Belgunique partnership? 
The partnership goes by the name #Bentunique. From September 2018 until April 2019, BENT gives a selection of Belgunique talents the chance to showcase their products to BENT customers by giving them each a two week period in which they can give a sample or offer a discount.

To discover which talents and products are taking part, take a look here:

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