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Belgunique. The Home of Belgian Talent

Belgunique brings together the unique talent of over one hundred local Belgian designers and producers, their creations and their inspiring stories. We find it such a shame if beautiful creations aren't seen or creative stories aren't heard.

Our mission

Throughout Belgium, designers create original products that deserve to have a market. Through the sound Belgunique ecosystem, we ensure that the designers reach potential buyers and that design lovers can discover a unique selection.

Apart from being an online sales platform, we are a community of creative people who inspire each other and support the developing of talents and building creative careers.

Together we make Belgian design synonymous with creativity and quality.

Learn more about how Belgunique works concretely here.

Hand and heart

Our logo says it all. The hand stands for the unique touch of the designer and for products that are often handmade. The heart symbolises our passion for Belgian design and the love the designers ingrain in every creation.

Sofie Smolders

“I want to give Belgian designers and producers a platform because their products and stories need to be shared. As a marketer, I want to help them find a market.”

Kim Smolders

“Belgians are a humble nation and don't like to be the centre of attention. We have such a diverse and talented selection of designers and creative people that really should be discovered and heard.”

Herman Maris

"With Belgunique we strengthen the local economy and ensure sustainable and environmentally aware prosperity. The price the customer pays for the product mainly depends on the product itself, a long way from exotic and superficial short-term dividends."