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About Belgunique

Belgunique is a community and webshop for local, Belgian designers and producers, bringing unique, local products closer to the consumer. 
You buy locally and thereby support Belgian talent that produce their work locally and often make the finishing touches themselves by hand. 

Belgian talent with a unique story 

We take care that we only offer locally produced products from producers that take pride in their craftsmanship, creativity and quality. We know their stories and help them find the audience that they deserve. 

Local producers, sustainable principles 

Our e-commerce platform is entirely at the service of anyone who cares about Belgian design. 

  • Local economy: the largest share of the selling price goes back to the Belgian talent
  • Authentic: everything is sent to you directly by the makers and producers themselves. No stock, no standard production, only unique creations by unique talents
  • Accessible: thanks to an e-commerce platform, this local story is accessible to anyone with talent and anyone who wishes to enrich their life with unique creations. A win-win situation for consumers and talent, from Ostend to Maaseik

Direct delivery from ateliers in all corners of Belgium

Shipping is not centralised as our talents send their unique creations directly to you from their ateliers all around Belgium.
When you order from different designers, your products will be shipped from different locations, at different times. In order to keep this system viable and clear, we use fair and basic pricing for shipping: 


  • shipping costs are calculated per shopping cart
    • up to 3 products - € 4.90 
    • 4 or more products - €7.50
    • multiple products from 1 talent is counted as 1 product in the basket
  • free shipping from €50


  • shipping costs are calculated per shopping cart
    • up to 3 products - € 4.90 
    • 4 or more products - €7.50
    • multiple products from 1 talent is counted as 1 product in the basket


  • shipping cost is set per country, per talent - see the drop down menu on the product or pay page for details
  • some countries will charge import duties, these must be paid by the customer directly to the relevant authorities
  • some countries have a ban on certain products. Belgunique nor its shipping partner is responsible for packages that are withheld by customs, broken or lost. 

 How does sales process flow on Belgunique? 

  1. Customers place their orders on the Belgunique website
  2. The talents receive the orders, make or finish the desired products and send them to the customers
    What if an order contains a variety of products from different talents? Different delivery dates will apply. Our talents send their products from their respective atliers and workshops once they are ready
  3. As talents send their products directly from their own ateliers, customers shall receive their orders in separate packages and at different times
  4. Customers are given 14 days to return their order
  5. Belgunique ensures that payments are channelled back to the talents and because we make the chain as short as possible, the largest share of payments goes back to them 

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